Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark Exterminating is determined to give you the greatest and most effective service available. We use only the safest, most efficient products and sprays to treat your property, so you can know that not only will your home will be protected from crawling invaders, but your children and pets will not be affected by our services.

You receive the best treatment around through contact with our friendly, helpful employees the entire time. Not only are our employees kind and affable, but our technicians are capable and expertly trained to properly rid your home of pests, making your experience as pleasant as possible, regardless of their distasteful reason for needing to come.

Pest Control

Would you want a stranger entering your home without you knowing? And not just any stranger; a dirty, dangerous stranger, carrying diseases that could harm your family, contaminate your food, and even cause harm to you and your family. On top of all this, that stranger is incredibly difficult to find as it creeps through your walls and ceiling without you even knowing.

Pest control is a tricky business, and not just anyone is able to handle it effectively. It takes a skilled professional alongside state of the art equipment and the best products to properly rid someone’s home from crawling invaders.

Rat Control

Rats have been a nuisance for quite some time, and all throughout history, people have tended to display rats in a bad light, and with good reason. While they aren’t actually scary and aggressive, they still pose a host of health risks.From Salmonella to Rat-bite fever, rats can carry a number of potentially deadly diseases, so it’s important to keep your house protected.

Rat control is not a one step process.  Methods of protection can include traps, rat-proofing, and simple good sanitation. Effective rat control requires time, energy and knowledge. If the problem is not handled correctly, you may just be putting a band-aid on the problem, or even making it worse.